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Solution ICP-MS

Single element analyses:

• Zinc isotopes in plants and soils
• Boron isotopes in plants
• Bromide in water
• Iron on polysaccharide particles
• Calcium in enriched carbonates
• Gd in chelates

Multi-element analyses:

• Modern and ancient deer bones
• Modern and ancient shells from California
• Silicate rocks
• California sediments
• Carbonate rocks
• Human Hair
• River water
• Leachates from Clear lake sediments contaminated by acid mine drainage
• Dissolved algae
• Castor beans
• Cell cultures
• Aerosols

Laser Ablation ICP-MS

• Fish otoliths ("ear stones")
• Modern and ancient shells from California
• Human Hair
• Basaltic mafic minerals
• Carbonate rocks and shells
• Straw material
• Obsidian
• Coral
• Diffusion

Recent Publications

University of California, Davis ICP-MS lab (Attn: Joel Commisso)
PES Building, Room 1210
Davis, CA 95616 USA